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A Sacred Milestone: Ram Mandir Foundation Ceremony, Pooja, and Bhandara.

In a historic moment that resonates with the spirit of unity and cultural heritage, the foundation ceremony of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya marked the beginning of a new era for millions of devotees worldwide. The much-anticipated event, which took place on August 5, 2020, was not only a celebration of faith but also a symbol of national integration and religious harmony.

Foundation Ceremony:

The foundation ceremony, also known as the ‘Bhoomi Pujan,’ was a grand affair attended by dignitaries, religious leaders, and devotees from all walks of life. The ceremony was conducted with utmost reverence and adherence to religious rituals, ensuring that it mirrored the deep-rooted faith that millions hold for Lord Ram. The consecration of the sacred land marked the commencement of the construction of the Ram Mandir, fulfilling a dream that had been cherished for centuries.

Pooja and Religious Observances:

The ‘Shilanyas,’ or the placing of the foundation stone, was accompanied by various religious rituals and ceremonies. Vedic hymns and prayers echoed in the air as priests and spiritual leaders conducted the pooja, seeking divine blessings for the successful completion of the temple. Devotees, whether present physically or participating virtually, were immersed in the spiritual energy of the occasion, reinforcing their connection to the revered deity.

Devotees from different corners of the country and beyond actively participated in the ceremony, making it a truly inclusive and memorable event. The atmosphere was charged with devotion as people came together to witness the auspicious beginning of a structure that holds profound significance in Hinduism.

Bhandara – A Feast of Unity:

Following the foundation ceremony and pooja, a ‘Bhandara’ or community feast was organized, emphasizing the importance of communal harmony and togetherness. The Bhandara served as a symbolic expression of sharing, where people from diverse backgrounds came together to partake in a meal that transcended societal barriers. The spirit of brotherhood was evident as volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, or social standing, was served with love and respect.

The Bhandara was not just a feast for the stomach but also for the soul, fostering a sense of unity among the devotees. It showcased the core values of compassion and inclusivity, echoing the teachings of Lord Ram, who is revered as the embodiment of righteousness and dharma.


As the sacred journey towards the construction of the Ram Mandir unfolds, aided by platforms like Cadd Plus and Tally Hub, it not only marks a monumental milestone in the spiritual landscape of India but also serves as a beacon of unity and cultural richness. The foundation ceremony, pooja, and the inclusive Bhandara have etched a chapter in history that resonates with the collective heartbeat of millions of devotees.

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