Stadd pro Training​

Stadd pro Training

DurationDuration : 3 Months
 SessionSession : 10 
EligibilityEligibility : After 12th, BCA, B.Tech, Bsc.IT MCA, Msc.IT, M.Tech, PGDCA

A software house is the first place where you learn everything about your career. Stadd Pro software is one of the best applications for managing accounts and other monitoring data. Therefore this time, cadd plus tally hub provides you stadd pro training course that is impressive and best for everyone. Moreover, looking for a professional place that will teach you every possible thing. The stadd pro training institute in Laxmi Nagar is the best place for career counseling and career building. 

Overall all the trained and highly experienced staff are located there. We will help you and facilitate. 


  • Overview of Structural Analysis and Design
  • Introduction to STAAD Pro. V8i
  • Getting Familiar with STAAD Pro. Workspace
  • Staad Editor
  • GUI
  • Structure Wizard
  • Creating a New Project and Units
  • Global Coordinate System Vs. Local Coordinate
  • Beta Angle
  • Introduction to File, Edit, View, Selection, Geometry, Commands, Analyze, Mode
  • Introduction to Snap Node/Beam
  • Insert Node and Add Beam
  • Translational Repeat
  • Circular Repeat
  • Move
  • Rotate
  • Mirror
  • Member Offset
  • Connect Beam Along
  • Intersect, Merge, Break, Splits, Renumber and Stretch selected members
  • Introduction to Setup, Geometry, General, Analysis/Print and Design
  • Assigning Properties
  • Assigning Supports
  • Group Specification
  • Assigning Load
  • Structure Analysis
  • Material Specification
  • Loading
  • Self weight
  • Nodal Load
  • Member Load
  • Area Load
  • Floor Load
  • Wind Load
  • Moving Load
  • Reference Load
  • Repeat Load
  • Plate Load
  • Seismic Load


  • Automatic Load Combination
  • Edit Auto Load Rule
  • Introduction to Analysis
  • Perform Analysis
  • Overview of Output Page
  • Pre-analysis and Post-analysis Print
  • Inactive/Delete Specification
  • General Guideline for Design
  • Column and Beam Design
  • Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Cylinder and Reverse Cylinder Coordinate System
  • FEM Modeling in STAAD Pro.
  • Snap Plate
  • Create infill plates
  • General Plate Mesh
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Analysis of Framed Structure Including Slabs
  • Member Truss
  • Run Structure Wizard
  • Plate Thickness
  • Water Tank Design
  • One Way Slab Design
  • Two way Slab Design
  • Staircase Design
  • Shear Wall Design
  • Lift Room Modeling
  • Solid Modeling and design
  • Steel Design
  • Interactive Steel Design
  • STAAD Beava
  • Member cable Specification
  • Tension/Compression Specification
  • Table Member Property
  • Design of Overhead Transmission Line Tower
  • Bridge Desk Design using STAAD Beava
  • Pushover Analysis
  • Isolation Foundation
  • Combined/Strip Foundation
  • Tool Kit
  • Mat Foundation
  • Pile Cap Design
  • Import AutoCAD Models
  • Report Setup
  • Plotting

Trained faculty:

Our team is highly qualified in your field of expertise. We would also provide you with the most enjoyable and easy training atmosphere imaginable. We’re all here to assist pupils. 

What is Stadd Pro:

Want to learn a professional tool that will be best for your career. Stadd pro is a predefined structural analysis and impressively software design application. It was initially developed in 1997 by international research engineers. There are multiple uses of this software. You are easily used for dynamic analysis methods and spectrum analysis. It is one of the best add faster and more advanced software, also used for complex analysis. 

This application is more convenient and best for your work. It will automatically convert a physical model to an analytical model within a few seconds. Easily Optimize your BIM processes in steel and concrete by incorporating the physical parts and surfaces completely. They may use smartphones to view and modify models of any size.

Demand In Market:

Generally, such talents were highly demanded when we talk about the market. Skilled people are needed for these diverse companies. You also simply design a website; there seem to be many work possibilities—the best ability of any kind. Many companies seek skilled speakers. We shall thus train you by both works but for business.

Advantages of Stadd Pro:

  • STAAD Pro produces precise findings when measuring Shear Force and Bending Moment.
  • STAAD Pro eliminates the need for manual calculations, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Engineers may use STAAD Pro to improve the structure, section, and dimensions.


After finishing this program, you will obtain a certificate in Power BI from Cadd plus tally hub training institute in Laxmi Nagar to identify your new abilities.

Prerequisites for stadd pro course:

You should know about the basic knowledge of computer planning, good knowledge of data monitoring. Also, you should know about all the possible expectations that are necessary for your career. 

Job opportunities:

Following the acquisition of these abilities, there are several options. Various sorts of software houses require exceptionally skilled software controllers. And this institute will meet all of your requirements. This profession has a lot of open seats. We will assist you in passing these sorts of institute examinations. We will also teach you about employment and business. We have a lot of experience, and our students are doing their best throughout India. And they receive fantastic financing for all of this.

Support and advice:

Our experienced trainers are always available to assist you with any issues or questions about stadd pro software and stadd pro v8i. We train students for interview questions and assist them in advancing their careers. Our students are typically placed in good jobs all around India. The Stadd Pro Training institute in Laxmi Nagar is an outclass platform for everyone. f

 “Everything is possible; just make an effort with the core of your heart.”