Digital Marketing Training​

Digital Marketing Training

DurationDuration : 4 Months
 SessionSession : 15 
EligibilityEligibility : After 12th, BCA, B.Tech, Bsc.IT MCA, Msc.IT, M.Tech, PGDCA

As a professional, you may design your path. Build your career as an experienced digital marketer. The Digital Marketing training institute in Laxmi Nagar is one of the best institutes to provide you with a digital marketing course at affordable prices. It’s the best platform where you can efficiently learn everything about your field. We guide our students with suitable manners; we find what they want from us and our trained personnel. Cadd plus tally hub accommodate all types of facilities. This is the right place for your career. Build something new! 



  • Introduction To Online Digital Marketing
  • Importance Of Digital Marketing
  • How did Internet Marketing work?
  • Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing
  • Types of Digital Marketing
  • Increasing Visibility
  • Visitors’ Engagement
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic
  • Lead Generation



  • Market Research
  • Keyword Research And Analysis
  • Types Of Keywords
  • Tools Used For Keyword Research
  • Localized Keyword Research
  • Competitor Website Keyword Analysis
  • Choosing Right Keywords To The Project



  • Introduction To Search Engine Optimization
  • How Did Search Engine work?
  • SEO Fundamentals & Concepts
  • Understanding The SERP
  • Google Processing
  • Indexing
  • Crawling



  • Domain & Hosting Selection
  • Meta Data Optimization
  • URL Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • 301 Redirection
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Canonical Implementation
  • H1, H2, H3 Tags Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • No-Follow And Do-Follow
  • Creating XML Sitemap
  • Robot.txt



  • Link Building Tips & Techniques
  • Difference Between White Hat And Black Hat SEO
  • Alexa Rank, Domain
  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking Submission
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Web 2.0 & Article Submission
  • Image Submission
  • Video Submission
  • Forum Submission
  • PPT & PDF Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Business Listing
  • Blog Commenting
  • Citations
  • Profile link creations
  • Info-graphics Submission



  • Google Panda,
  • Penguin,
  • Humming Bird Algorithm
  • Google Penalties
  • SEO Tools For Website Analysis And Optimization
  • Competitor Website Analysis And Backlinks Building
  • Backlinks Tracking, Monitoring, And Reporting



  • Creating Local Listing In Search Engine
  • Google Places Setup (Including Images, Videos, Map Etc)
  • Search Engine Visibility Reports
  • Verification Of Listing
  • Google Reviews



  • Introduction To Online Advertising And Adwords
  • Adwords Account And Campaign Basics
  • Adwords Targeting And Placement
  • Adwords Bidding And Budgeting
  • Adwords Tools
  • Opportunities
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Ads Type
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Search & Display Network
  • Shopping & Video Ads
  • Tracking Script
  • Remarketing
  • Performance Monitoring & Reporting



  • Social Media Optimization
  • Introduction To Social Media Networks
  • Types Of Social Media Websites
  • Social Media Optimization Concepts
  • Facebook, LinkedIn,
  • YouTube, Pinterest,
  • Hashtags
  • Image Optimization



  • Facebook Optimization
  • Fan Page Vs Profile Vs Group
  • Creating Facebook Page For Business
  • Increasing Fans And Doing Marketing
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Facebook Advertising And Its Types In Detail
  • Creating Advertising Campaigns,
  • Payment Modes
  • Introduction To Twitter
  • Creating Strong Profiles On Twitter
  • Followers, ReTweets, Clicks,
  • Conversions, HashTags
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Individual Profile Vs. Company Profile
  • Branding On LinkedIn
  • Marketing On LinkedIn Groups
  • Tools & Techniques



  • Getting Started With Google Analytics
  • Navigating Google Analytics
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Traffic Sources
  • Behavior
  • Content
  • Visitors
  • Live Data
  • Demographics



  • Setting Geo-target location
  • Search queries analysis
  • Filtering search queries
  • External Links report
  • Crawls stats and Errors
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt and Links Removal
  • HTML Suggestion



  • Creating A Simple Website For Your Business



  • Covering all the concepts
  • Project Work



  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Question Preparation

Experienced trainer:

Our staff is well trained and experienceable in their relevant fields, they are professional and passionate about their work. As well they are the best consultant and provide the best information about digital marketing. We teach us how to make a digital marketing strategy in a business platform, what types of branding you need. All kinds of aspects are discussed in the training section. Hopeful advice helps you for the best possibilities of your career. 


Hopefully, we deliver our sessions and provide you with both types. Offline and online. These facilities are beneficial for your career. All the sessions can be conducted on time and fixed duration. Secondly, we prepare our students for multinational jobs opportunities. Interview and other aspects of preparation. The best digital marketing institute in Laxmi Nagar is always here for your assistance. 

What is the purpose of this program?:

We teach you a complete course and all the significant types. The entire course syllabus is packed with all of them. What is the meaning of internet marketing services? And what are the differences between marketing channels? 

Humbly we can deliver you all types of lectures and practical experience in your whole session. Keep in mind; everyone can learn these things. These things told us how to promote activities via the help of the web.  

Organize your searches to reach your target audience:

Seo plays an important role in any organization or a company. We provide you with our best facilities with the help of on-page SEO and OFF-page SEO to your target audience. Optimization services are necessary to improve any business. Company appearance and in SERPS. In this course, we will teach you how to improve your business with the help of suitable keywords. 

Proper training on how to analyze your competitors and how to optimize your website with suitable manners. 

All the tips and tricks will be discussed in the session classes. 

Social media marketing:

On social media platforms, people consume 3 hours daily. Because this channel is best for everything. In social media marketing, we will teach you how to enhance your lead locally. And how to improve your business on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and youtube platforms. 

Local SEO:

Local SEO is part of digital marketing, you will improve your business locally. Millions of customers always go on an online platform to find anything locally. In this amazing field, we will teach you how to connect with them with the following local SEO services. 

Every customer wants quick response to his desire. So this is the best way to express your business locally. Therefore every customer reaches your side locally. 

Advertising (PPC):

Ppc stands for pay per day advertising. It is the best and short way to grow business through marketing strategy and position your firm at the top of the google search list. This way we will reach and grow our business quickly with the help of PPC. In PPC we pay some money to good Ads, they run ads for some time and boom our business will grow up widely. In this session, we will teach you how to run PPC ads and how to grow a business. 

All these you will learn in the digital marketing institute so don’t waste your time just click and get some knowledge. This institute is always for everyone. The age factor does not matter. 


After finishing this program, you will obtain a certificate in digital marketing from Cadd plus tally hub training institute in Laxmi Nagar to be identified for your new abilities.

Necessities​ for digital marketing course:

First of all, you should know what the internet is and how we can use it. Secondly, we should know about the ethics of how to use a computer. Proper knowledge of SEO & SEM, data and analysis, and learn how to think and plan using design principles. 

But let it be precise; please emphasize unusual skill sets. 

Ideas & Training in Real Time:

Training is a worthy thing. You don’t need to be worried about anything, and we can provide you with a practical work facility that will be best for the upcoming future. If someone has their website, our trainers can help them deliver their best ideas for boosting and enhancing traffic on your website. These things help you to become a more confident and satisfied person. 

Support and advice:

Our experienced trainers are always available to assist you with any issues or questions about digital branding and online advertising. We train students for interview questions and assist them in advancing their careers. Our students are typically placed in good jobs all around India. The digital marketing training institute in Laxmi Nagar is an outclass platform for everyone. 

Golden words:

A successful person always leads a team and organization. Build your skills and do something creative. Make a new empire through your creative thoughts. Digital marketing is not a challenging field. This field is only for those who have an excellent knowledge of content marketing and how to present something through new digital branding. 

 “Everything is possible; just make an effort with the core of your heart.”